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Receiving connections from two central devices

Question asked by niemirowski.grzegorz on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Antonio Vilei

My device works as peripheral in stack mode 2. This means it can handle connection from one central device only. I need to handle at least two central/master devices simultaneously. How can I do that? I suppose I need stack mode 3 or 4. What is the difference between them? There is nothing about this in PM0237. UM2058 says there can be 8 connections in Mode 3 and 4 connections in Mode 4, but there are no details whether it applies to central or peripheral role. I don't need central, I don't need scan. Just peripheral and advertising. I have found some slides which say there can be only 1 master connected in Mode 3 and two masters in Mode 4. Is that true? Does it mean that it's not possible to access BlueNRG-MS in peripheral role from e.g. phone, tablet, and computer at the same time? Where can I find official information about this?