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DMA UART peripheral Hangs

Question asked by ra.pamod on Sep 7, 2017
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I am using STM32F446 MCU,

I am collecting data from USART2 & transmitting data to USART3. DMA is enabled.

If I make UART RX/TX buffer size to 1024 bytes & transmit data of size 1KB it works fine.

But If I transmit more than 1080 bytes I receive the data on the USART3 terminal but when I send next frame from USART2 I do not get the data on the USART3 terminal. Application traces I can see on the USART3 terminal.

It seems USART2 is locked. If I give query command from USART2 I don't get any reply on USART2.

I am clearing the DMA flags, do I need to clear UART flag.