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STM32F769IIT Development environment

Question asked by muldoon.patrick on Sep 7, 2017

I am looking for some guidance in choosing a development environment and compiler for the STM32F769IIT chip.  This is my first venture into the ARM world.  I have been programming Microchip parts for about 25 yrs and use the MPLABX environment and the CCS C compiler. I've found the CCS customer forum to be extremely helpful over the years, so I thought I'd start my research here.  There seem to be plenty of options available in the ST/ARM world.


This particular product will have an Ethernet port and a graphic display.  I'm thinking there are probably pretty solid library modules available to support those features as well as an RTOS.  I'm hoping the IDE and Library functions will be pretty straight-forward so I can focus on reading the chip datasheet and compiler & RTOS docs.  My goal is to write some c code and program a chip to get an LED to blink.  With that I should be able to dive into writing and porting over my control code and start having some fun. 


Also, do I need to use an RTOS for this application?  Will it make my development easier or more complicated?  I've never needed or used one in my Microchip development, so that would be yet another learning curve.


I don't see a lot of ARM development coming my way at this time, so whatever will get me up to speed for this project will be fine.  Once I've been thru this I should have a better idea of what I need for any future projects.


Thanks for any advice you can offer,