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Core Self Test FPU

Question asked by Daniel Stang on Sep 7, 2017
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to achieve a SIL2 by using a STM32F4 MCU a periodical core self-test is required. So the CPU itself and the FPU shall be tested. STM is giving us the manual "UM1840: STM32F4 series safety manual" (

At Chapter 3.6.1 it is said that:


"Permanent faults affecting the CPU Core ARM® Cortex®-M4 (including also the FPU) are addressed through a dedicated software test executing a sequence of instructions and data Transfers."

Also STM is giving us the Software "STM32-CLASSB-SPL" to achieve a safe MCU and its periphals.


I can't find the part regarding the FPU self-test.

Do i miss something?

Is it possible to test a FPU and get a adequat diagnostic coverage?

Im thankful for any help,