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CubeMX does not provide SD configuration parameters

Question asked by Mohammad A on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2017 by Rosiney Silva

Whether using SDIO or SDMMC, CubeMX does not provide necessary configuration parameters available for these units. It also does not configure Bus Width, only generates 1Bit Bus configuration. Also setting BusWide to 4Bit does not initialize sd card. It only works in 1Bit mode.

These are the required parameters to be available at CubeMX

void MX_SDMMC1_SD_Init(void)

  hsd1.Instance = SDMMC1;
  hsd1.Init.ClockEdge = SDMMC_CLOCK_EDGE_RISING;
  hsd1.Init.ClockBypass = SDMMC_CLOCK_BYPASS_DISABLE;
  hsd1.Init.ClockPowerSave = SDMMC_CLOCK_POWER_SAVE_DISABLE;
  hsd1.Init.BusWide = SDMMC_BUS_WIDE_1B;
  hsd1.Init.HardwareFlowControl = SDMMC_HARDWARE_FLOW_CONTROL_DISABLE;
  hsd1.Init.ClockDiv = 0;


and this is a picture of available parameters at cubemx