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STM32F7 dual bank flash erase stall

Question asked by stefan gustavsson on Sep 6, 2017



I am using STM32F765VGT and have the flash in dual bank configuration.

I have an application in bank1 erasing bank2. Most of the times, but not always, the processor stalls during erase of bank 2. I dont do any accesses to bank2 during the erase but the processor stalls anyway.


What i have found is that when i disable ITCM-RAM (SCB->ITCMCR = 0) the processor dont stall when i erase bank2, but why?


I am not using the ITCM-RAM. And the ITCM-RAM seem to be enabled by STM32F765 at reset.

When reading the register SCB->ITCMCR after reset the data is 0x00000073. According to PM0253 the ITCM size is then 8MB. I expect 16kB?


But my main question is: what causes the bank2 erase to stall the MCU? (And why dosent it stall when ITCM-RAM is disabled?)


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