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How to use EEPROM emulation as in AN3969?

Question asked by Dan Mackie on Sep 6, 2017
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In the ST code repository for cubemx on my PC, there is a projects directory for the STM32F429ZI-Nucleo containing a file called eeprom.c.  I am assuming that is the right source for this purpose.  The process seems fairly straight forward, but that is not the same as having it work.  I used the sample calls from the related main.c module, to read and write variables, and the system does not crash, but neither does the code seem to read and write flash.  Is there some Cubemx configuration required, such as enabling the flash system, and selecting NAND flash 1, for example?  Although it is not required at present, in future I would like to be able to use a flash file system to add new software to remote systems. I am guessing that AN3969 does not relate to the file system at all.  Comments from anyone who has this AN3969 mechanism in operation?