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Why does STM32F4 Discovery kit

Question asked by Carter Lee on Sep 5, 2017
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I've just got a STM32F4 Discovery kit (STM32F429)

I thought that it embedded software for demonstate at the first time.

But my kit does not work.I also I read the below instruction.

But I don't know should I have to re-fund this kit?

What am I missing?


Getting started Follow the sequence below to configure the STM32F429 Discovery board and launch the DISCOVER application: 1. Ensure that the jumpers JP3 and CN4 are set to "ON" (Discovery mode). 2. Connect the STM32F429 Discovery board to a PC using a USB cable type A/mini-B through the USB ST-LINK connector CN1, to power the board, the LEDs LD2 (PWR) and LD1 (COM). 3. The following applications are available on the screen: – Clock/Calendar and Game – Video Player and Image Browser (play videos and view images from the USB mass storage connected to CN6) – Performance monitor (watch the CPU load and run a graphical benchmark) – System Info 4. The demo software, as well as other software examples are available at the webpage. 5. Develop applications starting from the examples.