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STM32F07ZG (nucleo board) is not exiting from read command in FSMC NOR flash Burst read mode configuration

Question asked by Pranay Dhuri on Sep 2, 2017

Hi there,

I am using STM32F207ZG nucleo board for FSMC muxed NOR flash and have configured for the same over cubeMX. Selected clock as burst read.

But when I am giving the command to read as-

fsmc_read=*(__IO uint8_t*) (0x60000000+0x0F+0);

It is continuously keep on reading the data,it doesn't stop after reading a byte.

I Haven't connected any NOR flash device I have tested FSMC signals over Logic analyser and found this issue.

What could be the problem, is there any library function available for reading the bytes of data in burst mode???