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Problem using Touch library with STM8S003K3.

Question asked by P. S. on Sep 1, 2017

Hello all,

I am using STM8S003K3 for my appplication with STVD IDE and Cosmic compiler and using Touch Library for my application.I have added touch library in project and configure it as to work with STM8S003K3.
I have my own designed hardware as below.
-- Soldered STM8S003K3 in PCB.
-- connected Vcap.
-- 1M reg. from LOADREF. pin to each Touch pin.
-- 10 k reg. in between controller pin and solder mask.
-- Touch pad is designed with single layer bare PCB masked in round shapes(where i have soldered wire from 10k reg.) for individual key and on opposite side there is a paper marked with no.s.
I am using TIM2 as a TIMAQ and TIM4 as generic timer.
I have configured PE5 pin as a LOADREF. pin and rest as touch pin.
After succcessfully build when i debug and check if any of key pressed, i am unable to get any of key pressed.
There is no voltage on LOADREF. pin.


I have atttached configuration file and main file.

Can any one guide me please where there is a problem ?