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Should I need a driver to drive the SDADC in stm32f373

Question asked by sanzheng.yin on Sep 1, 2017

In my system, I need to sample a current using the 16bit SDADC in stm32f373,because the SDADC accept Differential Input Mode ,the current to be sample is 0 * 500mA rms, 50Hz, ac ,so the following is my sch:

the analog front input schematic

my question is:I  do not know whether this circuit can drive our SDADC with low distortion?

I have read the reference manual and the datasheet of stm32f373,so I know the input impedance of SDADC is:

Rin = 1/( 2* c * Fclk)  (13.5.14 on page 237 of doc RM0313).

And also I know the input circuit should supple enough current drive for the cap in SDADC to charge and discharge.

So,could you give some suggestion whether my circuit can drive the SDADC in stm32f373 with low distortion ?

some formula and calculations will help more,thanks!