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Ethernet For STM32

Question asked by Yahya Asl Soleimani on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by Clive One

Hello. I'm in need of driving the Ethernet port of STM32 MCUs and I have bought the Nucleo Board for STM32F746ZGT6. But apparently, I don't have the knowledge to drive this peripheral! I have seen some videos about high-level network communication but they haven't helped that much and I have looked at the example application provided with the STM32F7 library for Cube Application and didn't understand much of it. For now, I just want to send and receive some packets using the Ethernet port. what I need is some documentation about handling and driving the low-level Ethernet port and some documentation about drivers. and right now I don't want to use FreeRTOS like the example application unless it is absolutely necessary. I could really use your help for setting me in the right direction. Because right now I'm completely confused. By the up to now, I have used Cube and HAL driver for my projects.