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How do I Atomic Operation control the non-bit banding region in STM32F4 and STM32F1 ?

Question asked by Carter Lee on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by waclawek.jan


Currently I'm studying for bit-banding.
As I understad, the bit bit-banding works as Bit-banding maps a complete word of memory onto a single bit in the bit-band region from


But I'm wondering how do I Atomic Operation control non-Bit Band Alias region in memory map.
For example, in the below M3 memory map.
We can see 2 Bit band alias part(red box), it means that Bit band region can be aliaed.
But how do I control non-Bit band Alias part in memory map such as External Device, External RAM and Private peripheral bus region?
So I want to know what common method exist in non-bit band region.



Q2.The following is STM32F429xx M4 memory map.
We can see 3 Alias region (64KB,16KB,112KB aliased By bit-banding). but where exactly 3 alias regions indicate alias?
In case M3(in Q1), each bit band alias has paired to Bit band region. but I can't find that pair region in STM32F429xx M4 memory map.
How can I understand this?
and Here's also very small size align region. I think STM32F429xx has to have more than M3. but there are just 3 region. I can't understand it. How can I Atomic Operation in non bit banding alias region? I want to know most common way.