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STm32l072 discovery kit Bootloader mode entry issue!!!

Question asked by harsh basarikodi on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Clive One


I am using STM32 Lora Discovery kit.

The stm32 controller used is STM32L072CZY6TR.

I want to flash the firmware using the flashloader.

I got this "STMFlashLoader Demo.exe" from the ST website and installed.

Following are the connection made on the target board to enter in to bootmode for the STM32L072.


CN2 Connector (8th pin)---Boot0 -- Connected to Vcc.
Uart1 selected below are the connection:--
CN5 connector ---3rd_pin---Port PA10 --RX1------> connected to Tx of the PC com port.
CN1 connector --1st_pin-- Port PA9 ---TX1-------> connected to Rx of the PC com port.



After running the "STMFlashLoader Demo.exe" and pressing the "Next" button,I am not able to go to next page.

Error appearing .Please find the attachment.

Please need help regarding this:)..


Note:Sequence followed:---1)Opened the STMFlasher in PC

                                            2)Powered on the Discovery kit with all connections taken care.

                                            3)Pressed the Next button.