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IBIS model for STM32F7

Question asked by Stefano Zanotti on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Khouloud G

I need the IBIS model for STM32F7 (specifically STM32F746NG).

I tried the model available on the STM32F746 page (STM32F746NG - High-performance and DSP with FPU, ARM Cortex-M7 MCU with 1 Mbyte Flash, 216 MHz CPU, Art Accelerator, L1 … ), but when I import it into Altium 17, it crashes. It crashes either while importing or while running the Signal Integrity Analysis. IBIS models for other chips work, so the problem is with my STM32 MCU component, not with my PC/Altium setup.

The schematics component and the footprint have been reused from an STM32 discovery board.


What should I do to have the IBIS model & Signal Integrity analysis work in Altium? How should I configure the schematics component, footprint and IBIS model? Maybe they are not in sync with each other?