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Images from SD Card: STM32F746ZG

Question asked by Ray Mendoza on Aug 31, 2017
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I was wondering how to load only half of a bmp image from an sd card. I am capable to loading a full image from a header file using the examples provided for the STM32F746G-Discovery. The reason I am asking this is because our hardware is set in a way where the SRAM is not big enough to store the entire bmp file from the sd card. I'm talking about a customized board created here at work. It uses a STM32F746ZG chip. I was able to understand which details had to be changed in the STM32F746G-Discovery files for those examples to work.


Also I was wondering if instead of doing this, then is it better to pull the images from flash memory. Is it faster than the method above? Or do they not matter because they are both fast?


There is a QSPI chip on the board but I'm a little confused on setting it up on Keil. It is 16MB. The part is : 


I have made the connections on CubeMX but I'm unsure what the parameters settings should be in order to run with the QSPI chip on board.


Thank you!