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Evaluating SPWF01SC for file transfers

Question asked by mackenzie.john on Aug 31, 2017

Hi Everyone,


I've been evaluating an SPWF01SC to see whether it's suitable to add web browser file transfer functionality and a control interface to an existing embedded (bare metal) project.


Host controller is an STM32F429 and files are stored on an SD card. Over USB this appears as a drive in Windows; I'd like something similar on the wifi interface. File sizes are < 2MB, most are a few KB so I can live with the relatively slow transfer rate (I've done some benchmarking using sockets).


As I'm not very familiar with web servers can the module can do this out-of-the-box with minimal coding (i.e. I'm missing something)? Is it better to bypass the web server and use sockets in the host (this is hard, I know)? Is the module just not suitable at all? Is there a better way?


Many thanks.