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Does the self-test of the LSM9DS1 magnetometer is the same as the LIS3MDL

Question asked by David M. on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by Petr S

I am trying to test the magnetometer on LSM9DS1 sensors.

Can I apply the same self-test range-values than the LIS3MDL compass to check the LSM9DS1? The fact is that the magnetometer in the LSM9DS1 seems to be a LIS3MDL (same documentation of the registers). I am using the LIS3MDL application note AN4602, where the self-test procedure is explained in page 19, with self-test ranges indicated in table 17.


I already implemented a self-test procedure for the LSM9DS1 and I obtained for one sensor on which I suspect a problem the following values:
Average_X_self_test - Average_X_no_self_test = 2551 (no scale) = 0,93 gauss
Average_Y_self_test - Average_Y_no_self_test = 2682 (no scale) = 0,98 gauss
Average_Z_self_test - Average_Z_no_self_test = -415 (no scale) = -0,15 gauss


And for a second sensor that seems ok, the values are:
Average_X_self_test - Average_X_no_self_test = -4476 (no scale) = -1,64 gauss
Average_Y_self_test - Average_Y_no_self_test = -4473 (no scale) = -1,64 gauss
Average_Z_self_test - Average_Z_no_self_test = -515 (no scale) = -0,19 gauss


Values are consistent on several runs of self-tests. And if I take the ranges mentioned in the application note of the LIS3MDL, it means that the first sensor is broken.


Thank you for your support.