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Why is the output.cgi converting my special characters into HTML encoded messages?

Question asked by Oliver Gordon on Aug 31, 2017

I'm writing software which sends ASCII messages that are interpenetrated by a machine via UART from my web application. The application is on the chip fine, it sends the ASCII I write via output.cgi, and I snoop on the RX and TX with realterm so I can see the strings being sent and the CGI file is the only thing interacting with my ASCII before it goes on the wire. So when I send "RESPOND?" I can see the string RESPOND but the question mark is converted to html encoding and what is printed is "RESPOND%3F" so my machine can not interpret this.


Has anyone had this issue or does anyone have any solutions? I have NO idea why its happening and I believe I am unable to write my own custom CGI files for the chip.