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[OTG + documentation + Cube] OTG_FS interrupts in 'L4

Question asked by waclawek.jan on Aug 25, 2017
Branched from an earlier discussion



RM0351 rev.5 says that

There's no other OTG_FS interrupt mentioned in that interrupts table. Does that mean that EXTI line 17 should be enabled to be able to receive the OTG_FS interrupts?


Turning to the EXTI chapter causes even more confusion:

How exactly is an OTG_FS *wakeup* event enabled, that it not explained in the OTG_FS chapter or elsewhere. There *is* a WKUPINT bit in OTG_GINTSTS, but that's supposed to be ORed into the global OTG_FS interrupt, as indicated by Figure 525  Interrupt hierarchy in 47.13  OTG_FS interrupts. Or is it not? Is it separate from other interrupts, or is it simply forked to a separate "wakeup event" signal? In the latter case, is it still masked by OTG_GINTMSK.WUIM?


Okay, so if EXTI17 is OTG_FS *wakeup* event, and that is interrupt 67, so where is the *normal* OTG_FS interrupt?


Additionally, isn't this sort of interconnection supposed to be documented in chapter 10  Peripherals interconnect matrix and for the 'F4 in AN4640?


Just add to the mess,  [STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.8.0]\Projects\STM32L476G_EVAL\Applications\USB_Device\HID_Standalone\Src\usbd_conf.c  has this to say: