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Debugging resets - Watchdog resetting even after clearing?

Question asked by Andres Cao on Aug 29, 2017
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I have some very sporadic resets that are proving troublesome to debug. I'm using an STM32L083


Based on the RCC_CSR there's an IWDG reset. The IWDG is definitely enabled (total time of 28s) and being cleared often.


Do you know of any reasons I could get an IWDG reset, besides a timeout? The RTC is waking the device from sleep up every 10 seconds and clearing the IWDG.


I thought that a fault handler (Hal Error_Handler or HardFault_Handler) could be triggered, and enabled console messages in case it ends up there. I never read any of those messages.


Is there any other default infinite loop? Any input ideas are welcomed.