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TIM5 TixFPx needs ~50mA to GND

Question asked by on Aug 29, 2017
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Hello, I'am trying to use the TIM5 in Slave-(and Master-)Mode to drive another Timer (TIM1 to Trigger a DMA-Request on each Period).

When I configure TIM5 in Triggermode TI2FP2 on Stm32F4Discovery Board (PA1 and this is a Free IO) and Trigger Polarity falling-edge, then the Pin needs ~50mA to GND (even there, the level is few mV over zero, but enough for STM to detect the low-level).

PA1 rises to high after the "HAL_TIM_IC_Start(&htim5,TIM_CHANNEL_2);" call.

The Datasheet tells : absolute-maximum is 25mA per Pin so this is prohibited.

The same Problem is on STM32F429 (I just tested with this two MCU's).

Can someone explain what I'am doing wrong ?