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SPC58EC80E3: Issue with DMA triggering from eMIOS_SAIC

Question asked by Islam Sehsah on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Luigi Zambrano



I am trying to get eMIOS channel to capture an input in SAIC mode (Falling Edge) then trigger DMA channel after each capture in order for the DMA to copy the time stamp from the UC register A to a data buffer.


Note: time stamps are taken from Counter Bus A which is driven by UC23, the counter is working and the SAIC mode is also working.


My problem is that eMIOS does not trigger DMA at all, i am only able to trigger DMA manually through SSRT register (DMA enable bit is set in the eMIOS UC25 & UC26 control register).


Target: SPC58EC80E3

Target Application: DMA Triggered by eMIOS Channels


eMIOS link with eDMA:

eMIOS_0 ... Unified_Channel_25 ... eDMA Channel 0

eMIOS_0 ... Unified_Channel_26 ... eDMA Channel 1


Kindly advice of the possible reasons for the failure of eMIOS to trigger the DMA copy.


Best Regards,

Islam Sehsah