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32F746GDiscovery UART DMA

Question asked by roth.ian.001 on Aug 29, 2017

I am trying to create a module for the 32F746GDiscovery board which will make use of USART6 in a UART configuration that is on the Arduino connector. The time between end of the transmission sent and the reply from the equipment at the other end is too short for a blocking transmit and then receive. To get around this, I would like to use a DMA receive that can be set up before the transmission. I created a BSP file for the uart and tried it out, but code goes into an exception when the DMAR bit is set.


I then created a simple project using CubeMX to test DMA receive, and it worked. I have attached the test project.


What could be the cause of the exception in the modified demonstration code? Why would it not show up in the CubeMX test project?