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How to use STemWin on IAR 6.40?

Question asked by Marina Dioto on Aug 28, 2017



I am using STM32437I-EVAL on IAR 6.40 IDE.

I am trying to load an example of a project using STemWin library, but when I import the project on IAR, it pops up a dialog box saying "Broken options were detected on the project file.A backup copy will be made." and also "The project ´STemWinDemo´ contains the unknown tool ´TIFET_ID´. Then, the project comes with no configurations, the paths and the symbols are empty. It does not compile, showing several errors, most of them of unkown source of includes. I tried opening the backup copy it creates and copying the path and symbols from there, but with no success.


I think it might be an incompatibility of the IAR 6.40 (this is not the newest version, but it is the one I have to use) with this version of STemWin (V1.2.0), but this is the only one I encontered on ST website, or anywhere on the internet.

I tried uploading the example from STemWin library packege and also from Cube repository, it happens the same thing with both. When I upload the example from IAR itself, it compiles, but then I can´t download because of a flashloader problem. And the example I using on IAR is for the STM32F407ZG-SK, which is the closest to the board I am using.


Does anyone have any tips?


Thank you!!