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STM32F446ZE OTP Lock block programming issue

Question asked by Eugene on Aug 29, 2017



I use NUCLEO-F446ZE board. And I'm trying to lock OTP block 0 by programming 0x00 at 0x1FFF7A00 using ST-Link CLI. I've tried -w8, -w32 and -P commands, but every time utility returns error. 


STM32 ST-LINK CLI v3.1.0.0

STM32 ST-LINK Command Line Interface


ST-LINK SN : 0675FF535452775187162432

ST-LINK Firmware version : V2J28M18

Connected via SWD.

SWD Frequency = 4000K.

Target voltage = 3.3 V.

Connection mode : Normal.

Device ID:0x421

Device flash Size : 512 Kbytes

Device family :STM32F446xx

Writing 0x00 at 0x1FFF7A00... Error!


After checking memory dump the lock byte is still 0xFF.


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