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STM32L476/STM32L496 with IWDG and DACs?

Question asked by smith.brian.005 on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by smith.brian.005

Using STM32L496RG, IAR toolset.  Application uses both DACs. Recently added IWDG (independent watchdog)  to provide overall reset in the event of software errors.  DAC's are just used to provide DC levels for trimming, being set up to a constant level in a calibration routine. With IWDG running, the DAC2 output now holds at the correct level for 150us and then rapidly decays, and is periodic doing this at 464us. The watchdog is being refreshed but is not kicking in. All other aspects seem to be running fine.


Are there any hidden interactions between the IWDG and the DAC's? Has anyone used the DACs with IWDG running?