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STSPIN32f0 - cannot generate PWM

Question asked by Misha K on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Misha K

Hey guys! I'm trying to write custom firmware for STSPIN32f0 and I'm desperately stuck  

STSPIN32f0 is a system-in-package based on STM32F031C6.

My code works fine on STM32F031C6. 

My code fails miserably both on my custom STSPIN32f0 board and on STEVAL-SPIN3201.

What I'm trying to achieve is pretty simple: I configure TIM1 in 6-PWM mode. On STM32F031C6 I can see 6 signals exactly as expected, on STSPIN32f0 I can see nothing.


Does anyone have experience with STSPIN32f0 please? Can anyone please give me any hint(s)? Can anyone please share their working code samples?