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LSM6DSL inactivity interrupt triggered by activity

Question asked by Angelo Quattrociocchi on Aug 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Angelo Quattrociocchi

I'm trying to configure an LSM6DSL device to provide the wrist tilt interrupt on INT2 and the inactivity interrupt on INT1.  The tilt interrupt appears to work fine.  With inactivity however, I see the interrupt when the part is inactive, but I get it again when it starts moving.  I feel that it is combining the wake up and inactivity interrupts together, but I have the wake up interrupt disabled.


This is how I configure the registers after a reset (using CTRL3_C = 0x01):



CTRL1_XL (0x10) = 0x62

(wrist tilt)

CTRL10_C (0x19) = 0x84

DRDY_PULSE_CFG_G (0x0B) = 0x81


TAP_CFG (0x58) = 0xE0

WAKE_UP_DUR (0x5C) = 0x02

WAKE_UP_THS (0x5B) = 0x03

MD1_CFG (0x5E) = 0x80


With MD1_CFG set to 0x80 (only the INT1_INACT_STATE bit set, and the INT1_WU bit cleared) why would I see interrupts when the device is moved around?  Am I missing some register setting?