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Has anybody been able to use all three UARTS on the STM32L432KC part at the same time?

Question asked by quinz.daniel on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Vangelis Fortounas

I am trying to configure the STM32L432KC LPUART1, USART1, and USART2 peripherals for concurrent use. I have gone over the pin AF options multiple times and keep coming up with the same conclusion.  That the LPUART1 and USART2 TX pin is shared between the two and cannot be re-mapped elsewhere.


That is odd is that the USART2 RX pin can be remapped to free the LPUART1 RX pin, but not the TX pin.


Further oddness : There is an entire column in the AF table dedicated to the USART2 and yet only a single entry is shown (RX remap).


Further oddness-II : The table also indicates a USART3 option for cat-3 devices, but only shows some of the pin functions and omits entirely the RX and RX pins.


At this point, I suspect that the datasheet is incorrect and the table is missing the entries to re-map USART2 alternate pins.


Otherwise, only two of the three UARTS can be used at the same time.


Anybody seen this before?  Perhaps can give me some insight as to whether it is a hardware limitation or datasheet error?