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STM32F303ZE Reference Manual clarification needed.

Question asked by m4l490n on Aug 24, 2017
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I'm about to start a project and the STM32F303ZE seems like a perfect part. I was reading through the Reference Manual and I found in the section 15.3.11 Channel selection (SQRx, JSQRx) that the ADC1 is connected to 4 internal analog inputs:

– ADC1_IN15 = VREFOPAMP1 = Reference Voltage for the Operational Amplifier 1 (in STM32F303xB/C and STM32F358xC)

– ADC1_IN16 = VTS = Temperature Sensor

– ADC1_IN17 = VBAT/2 = VBAT channel

– ADC1_IN18 = VREFINT = Internal Reference Voltage (also connected to ADC2_IN18, ADC3_IN18 and ADC4_IN18).


And I don't know if it's a document error or if the ADC1 really does not have a connection to the VREFOPAMP1 on STM32F303xD/E parts. It's confusing because for example for ADC3 we read:


ADC3_IN17 = VREFOPAMP3 = Reference Voltage for the Operational Amplifier 3 (in STM32F303xB/C/D/E and STM32F358C)


And there is explicitly stated that the connection for ADC3 includes STM32F303xD/E parts.


Anyway, I'd like to verify that the connection between the ADC1 and the OPAMP1 is also present in the STM32F303ZE.