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PFC doesn't work on STEVAL-IHM034V2 board

Question asked by Philippe on Aug 25, 2017



i'm using the a STEVAL-IHM034V2 board for evaluation (PFC + FOC PMSM).

I imported the project in ST Workbench 4.3. Generated files and compiled with IAR is OK. Then board is programmed.


The motor starts but the PFC doesn't work. 

I verified in the file Drive parameters.h that the PFC is enabled : the following line is present

#define PFC_ENABLED /* #define PFC_ENABLED to enable the PFC */

so the PFC should be enabled.


With serial communication i get the PFC_Status = 0x10 (Id 0x4D) and the PFC Flags = 0x00100010 (Id 0x4E) which means that the AC frequency is not in the correct range. The AC Mains Frequency is read as 0 with the serial communication (Id 0x51).

The pin for AC Mains is B4 (Timer 3 channel 2)

With an oscilloscope i measured the frequency on TP7 on the board, i have a square wave with 10ms period so the signal is OK.