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Should an Arduino proto shield (basically, nothing connected but an LED on pin 13 and a button on NRST) work with a Nucleo board?

Question asked by meyer.mike.001 on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by Clive One

I'm trying to use a Nucleo F411RE with some Arduino shields, and having very little luck.

The behavior I get is that the Nucleo either doesn't power up at all, or are slow and unreliable about enumerating the USB devices it provides, and I get errors about device addition failing in the system log.

Removing JP1 - which limits current draw and forces the device enumeration - makes things a little better. Sometimes. But sometimes it just means that the errors in the system log repeat until I get tired of it.

Providing external power also helps. These two things make me think I've missing something power related.

This happens with multiple Nucleo boards and all my Arduino spare shields (just 3). They are all pre-R3 boards, but one of them is a prototype board with nothing but parallel connections for the reset pin and LED.

Other people don't seem to be having these issues, and I've not turned up anything in the manual.

So the questions are: am I wrong in expecting generic Arduino shields to work with the Nucleo boards? If not, is there some setup I need to make or check in order to get them to work?