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FMC and 16/32b multiplexed mode

Question asked by leinad on Aug 23, 2017



I have some doubts with understanding and configuration of specific FMC modes. May I kindly ask you to check if my intentions are correct?


We have STM32F767 connected to our proprietary memory-mapped periphery (FPGA what can emulate anything) through FMC. We have connected full address bus and 16bit data bus and all possible control signals.

We would like to FMC behave like it has 32b for data access (from point of view of firmware).

It is possible with this hardware connection? I know there can be software workaround where you access 32b word with two 16b acces operations.

According to reference manual table 63 ("NOR Flash/PSRAM: example of supported memories and transactions") there are examples for 32b AHB data size. I couldn´t find any specific information about timing and waveforms so I think this operation is just internally (automatically) splitted into 2 FMC accesses - for example when I use 32bit pointer to virtual memory where FMC is mapped.