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STM32L433 - No JTAG Devices Found

Question asked by John Griswold on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by John Griswold

I'm using an ARM-KEIL ULINKPro debugger on a custom board using the STM32L433 processor. There's a JTAG connector on the board, and I'm using a TC2050-IDC-050 20:10 cable from Tag-Connect, which was recommended by the owner of the firm. (and the connector is keyed, so I think I've got THAT right...).


I've contacted the (remote) board designer, and he says everything looks OK on my end, but he's used the JTAG port with a Segger debugger, not one from ARM-KEIL. Given that he was able to program the boards before he shipped them to me, I have to think the JTAG port on the board works.


When I attempt to flash the board, I get the red USB light and the blue COM light on the debugger, so at least (I think) the debugger is talking to USB. uVision also tells me the serial number of the device, too, so I'm pretty sure that's working.


This makes me suspect the cable. Does anybody have any experience with this cable, or suggestions for another cable that will drop-dead work correctly?


The other possibility is that I have this misconfigured, but I have selected the ULINK Pro Cortex Debugger, configured on the JTAG port, and set for automatic configuration. Unless there's something I'm missing (there usually is) I think the configuration should be OK.


Any help would be quite welcome at this point.


Thanks -