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Question asked by Mansuy Cedric on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Mansuy Cedric

Register 0x2A and 0x2B are aways fixed when I read back register even with restarting the sensor power.

Config before reading back register:

Register_0x20=0x83: (active mode, continuous update, output data rate: 12.5Hzt

Register_0x21=0x01: (Boot normal mode, Heater disable, start of new dataset)

Register_0x22=0x84: (DRDY active low, PP_OD push pull, Data Ready signal available on pin 3)


The dataready pin is also always low, command Who AM I works fine.


Content of register 0x2A: 0x18;

Content of register 0x2B: 0x80;


Does anyone has the same pb ? Is the chip dead ?