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STM32 Flash Loader Demonstrator support for STM32L071

Question asked by vincent chardon on Aug 22, 2017



I am trying to use the STM32 flash loader demonstrator to download a new software on my device.


I am using the version V2.9.0RC4, which I have found on this site 

(Cf. STM32 Flash Loader Demonstrator - Support for STM32F76X ).

I have written a STMap file for my device (see attached file STM32L0_x7_128K.STmap). 

I have started from STM32L0_x3_x2_x1_192K.STmap file and modified the following informations :

    PID=0447 (I leave the value unchanged as it was the value given by ST-Link V2)

    BID=1FF01FFE     (value found in AN2606 )

I have remove all the pages above 128K (as my device has 128Kb of flash memory)

I have leave the [DATA] and [OptionBytes] unchanged


When prompted I choose my file in the demo software (STM32L0_x7_128K), the mapping is correctly displayed in the tool, and I can apparently reprogram the firmware in the device. But in fact if I select the verify option in the gui, the write succeed but the verify failed, and the program does not run. I have confirmed with ST-Link that there is really a difference. 


Am I doing something wrong ? I am very surprised that the error occurs at the very end of my program while it is not the end of the flash (Can it be a software problem ?). There is no memory protection, and I can successfully write that memory location either with ST-Link or OpenOCD. Has anybody any idea to make the firmware write and verification  complete successfully ?


I have included various screen capture to illustrate the bootloader configuration and error.

- configuration.png : illustrate how my custom STMap file is interpreted by the demo boot loader software

- ErrorMsgBox.png : the message box opened by bootloader demo software

- MemFileComp.png : illustrate the differing bytes in ST-Link utility software


Thanks for your help,