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Question asked by Itamar Eliakim on Aug 22, 2017





i'm trying to operate the STEVAL-SPIN3201 to run a BLDC motor at low speed - 200 - 400 RPM using Hall sensors which are connected to J4 on board.

PMSM motor parameters changed to the following values:


#define NOMINAL_CURRENT 4918
#define MOTOR_MAX_SPEED_RPM 400 /*!< Maximum rated speed */
#define MOTOR_VOLTAGE_CONSTANT 0.4 /*!< Volts RMS ph-ph /kRPM */


Few questions:

A. The motor starts to accelerate when i press the USER1 button, than after 20 - 25 sec settle down to ~400RPM, tried to change the ramp duration at:

MCI_ExecSpeedRamp(oMCI[0], 400/6, 20);


still no luck, it takes too long for the motor to settle the speed.


B. The hall sensors are connected to J4 and configured correctly at the ST Motor Control Workbench, 

Motor -> Sensors -> Hall Sensors -> 120 deg

Drive Management -> Speed/Position Feedback Management -> Main Sensor -> Sensor Selection: Hall Sensors


After code generation the parameters are:



#define HALL_PHASE_SHIFT 300 


When i disconnect the hall sensors during motor rotation the motor keeps rotate, is there any chance that it changes the mode automatically to sensor-less configuration? what causes the motor to spin at the same speed without the hall sensors?




Appreciate your help