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Does the X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB use crypto hardware of the STM32F7 MCU?

Question asked by M Spiessens on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by M Spiessens

More specifically we are interested in the AES256-GCM algorithm on STM32F777.


Looking at the User Manual (… ) I conclude that for the STM32F756 the crypto hardware is used when using the STM32AccHwCryptoV3.1.0_Xy_C_O.a library.


However, if I look at the actual software (library and headers) I get confused:


The STM32_Crypto library (not HW accelerated) has a Inc/AES/GCM/aes_gcm.h header.

The STM32_Crypto_AccHw variant does not include any header for GCM but Inc/AES/AccHw_aes.h contains the following:


#ifdef INCLUDE_AccHw_GCM
#include "GCM/AccHw_aes_gcm.h"


A header with this filename does not ship with the libraries.


Does anyone have experience with AES-GCM on a STM32 with crypto accelerator?


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