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inconsistent Information concerning STM32L071

Question asked by Zhitai Liu on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by Uwe Bonnes


There is an inconsistent information about the numbers of usart in series STM32L071KBTx and STM32L071KZTx

(both LQFP32.)

in the datasheet, it says there are 3 usart:


but in the STM32CubeMx, if I choose L071KBTx, I got 4 USART?!


Have I misunderstood something....?

There are totally 3 USART or 4 USART in this package??!!

I would like to know!

Thanks in advanced.




In the STMCU Finder pc software, if I choose STM32L0x1 and I request 4 USART,

then there will be no LQFP32 package in the result list. 

However, If I use STM32CubeMx, doing the same (choose STM32L0x1 and 4 usart), 

there will be STM32F071KB and STM32F071KZ in the result list.