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I setup USB Host using STM32CubeMx. How can I receive data using USB Host and the USBH_CDC_Receive function and the CDC_ProcessReception(phost) ?

Question asked by Daniel Hailu on Aug 21, 2017
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I have setup the USB Host using the STM32CubeMx and I can transmit data in bulk and it has a state machine.  The USB is attached to the host which is a CDC USB Modem.  The CDC_ProcessReception(phost) does not receive data through the pipe and it gets into the CDC_RECEIVE_DATA_WAIT state and gets suck without any data received. The USBH_CDC.c file has the transmit and receive function which uses a state machine and




The ProcessTransmission function works for me but not the ProcessReception(phost)?  How can I get to receive data?