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SPWF01S firmwareversion

Question asked by groma on Aug 21, 2017



I have a question about the firmware version of the spwf01S modules.


#  version = 150410-c2e37a3-SPWF01S


When I read the version, this appears. This is the version is 3.4. Is there a way to get 3.4 from the version string.

The first 6 letters are something like the compile or release date, but for what are the others.


It's a bit strange, that the firmware version is always declared with 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, but this versioning is not used on the device itself.


So is there any connection with Version 3.4 and 150410-c2e37a3-SPWF01S or not?


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