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stm32f042f6 spi doesn't work with HSI as PLL source

Question asked by EvgenS Po on Aug 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by EvgenS Po

Hello! I'm using spi peripheral on STM32f042f6p6 and faced with strange situation: spi works only if system clock is PLL and HSE is PLL source. I have tried HSI, HSI48, with them spi does not work at all: neither transmission, nor reception. In all PLL source cases HSE, HSI, HSI48, the application code is the same and modified only to change system clock. I have found nothing about that issue in documentation.

So, is it normal for stm32f042f6? If it is, please give me some references for documentation.

If it is not, please help me find out what I'm missing.

Thanks in advance.