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ETM Trace problems with newer STM32F7 derivates

Question asked by papsdorf.alexander on Aug 18, 2017



is it possible that the ETM Trace does not work correctly in newer STM32F7 derivates?
In a first revision of our controller board, we used STM32F746ZGT. Here it was possible to use the ETM trace with a CPU speed of 160 MHz without any problems.

In our new board revision, we use the STM32F765ZGT. Here, the ETM trace does not work correctly anymore. Even clocking down the CPU speed to the lowest possible clock rate (16MHz), did not really help. Is it possible that there is a problem reagrding the ETM with the new derivat?  Our hardware supplier insured us, that they did not change the layout regarding the trace related parts. Since we clocked down the CPU to the lowest possible clock rate and did not activate any other periperials of the CPU for a test, we can rule out noise or interference of trace lines from other signal lines of our CPU board.


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