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ST-Link don't want to read a MCU under Windows 10

Question asked by balabanits.dmitry on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by balabanits.dmitry

An ST-Link (from Nucleo-64) don't want to read an STM32F030RCT6 under Windows 10 (64 bit) with a message "Can not connect to the target". The most interesting thing is it reads an another same board already programmed. But this doesn't mean the clear board is broken: it could be read with the same programmer but another computer with Windows 7 (32 bit). With that computer, both boards communicate with the ST-Link. STM32 ST-Link Utility, STLinkUSBDriver, and ST-Link_CLI versions are same on both computers. So I couldn't understand what to do and what I have to change?