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Need Help For CS43L22 On STM32F4 Discovery DK

Question asked by focus anh on Aug 17, 2017

1. As I see on stm32f4 discovery DK schematic, CN4(audio jack) only connect to HP/LINE_OUTA and HP/LINE_OUTB ( Pin 14 and 15 of CS43L22). Because of that, I only use OUTPUT_DEVICE_HEADPHONE of CS43L22. Does my thought is extraclly?

2. I want to use CS43L22 to play 16bit, 8Khz, mono wav file. But If I set hi2s3.Init.AudioFreq =  I2S_AUDIOFREQ_8K; It play fast. If I set hi2s3.Init.AudioFreq =  I2S_AUDIOFREQ_16K It play extraclly? I don't know why? and how to do my purpose? 

Sorry for my English. But If you need I can upload my project to consider. Thanks you !!!!