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How to read firmware version (bcdDeciceHi and bcdDeciceLo) from ST?

Question asked by Alexander Landa on Aug 16, 2017

Hello together,


I'm new here and be not a STM developer but rather Windows developer, so please be patient.

But my question is very simply  

How to programmatically read on Windows-PC the current firmware version (device 0x2200, but other would be also great) from device using hDevice via USB-transfer in bootloader mode without the whole upload (transfer from STM device to PC) in order to compare with version number in DFU file. What I need is bcdDeviceHi and bcdDeviceLo. Is here some special instructions or calls from STDFU.dll or STTubeDevice30.dll required?



How to convert version string of x.yy.z to bcdDevice and vice versa?


Many thanks for considering my question!