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RTC ALARM + PA0 Wakeup from standby, problem

Question asked by marco on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by marco

I have a problem with STM32F415RG....


My project has two system of wakeup from standby, first is PA0 pin and other RTC Alarm.


If i put a single way of wakeup, like only PA0 wakeup work, if i put only RTC ALARM wakeup work, when i put both, not work...


I make many test:


When i put a alarm 30 seconds after standby, and i move the PA0 pin before the ALARM start, wakeup from pin work 

When i put a alarm 30 seconds after standby and i wait the RTC ALARM, the system not start and not start anymore also from PA0 pin


Someone has same problem ?


Sorry for my english