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gcc and PCROP

Question asked by Michael Schmid on Aug 17, 2017

Dear all,


the readout protection of the L4, F4 and F7 MCUs is supported with build-tools form Keil and IAR. The 3 application notes, i have read, states that one of these IDEs must be used. Since the newer arm-none-eabi-gcc also supports -mpure-code parameter, i wonder is someone can use the gcc based tools as well to use the PCROP features.


1) Is the arm-none-eabi-gcc -mpure-code switch equal to the Keil/IAR code switches?

2) Is ST Micro planning to show an example of PCROP with ether F4/L4/F7 with a gcc based tool chain?


It would be great for us, if we not need to change the tool chain, and could use the gcc based tool chain to PCROP-protect out code.


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