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IFN003V1, MC Library v3.0, 3.2, IFN003V1 Patch

Question asked by krause.jack on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2013 by Gigi
I'm attempting to get started with an IFN003V1 board.
I am new to STMicro software tools and eval boards.

I could not find V3.0 of the MC Library, so I installed V3.2.  I didn't find an IFN003V1 project, so I attempted to apply the IFN003V1 patch to the 3.2 MC Library.  The patch details reported 'nothing to patch'.

I subsequently found the link to V3.0 of the MC Library, so I uninstalled V3.2 and installed V3.0.  When I attempted to install the IFN003V1 patch I got an error 'can't open crosscheck.h' and I found that crosscheck.h was missing.  I then ignored the error and proceeded with the patch.  The patch details reported that it could not open several other files and it appears that nothing was patched.  (The patch was run from the installation folder of the V3.0 MC Library.)

What do I need to do to get set up for work on the IFN003V1?
Does MC Library V3.2 already have the changes that are in the IFN003V1 patch for V3.0?
If not, then what do I need to do in order to patch V3.0?
When things are set up properly, where will I find an IFN003V1 project?

Thanks for any help,